We aim to be the best provider of the Cambridge I.G.C.S.E curriculum, at a justified and affordable rate in Malaysia


We are committed in:-
  • providing quality academics assistance.
  • moulding charismatic students with the correct learning attitude.
  • providing sufficient facilities to facilitate students learning process.
  • being the second home of students where educators are treated as family and vice versa.
  • enabling all children to have access in international studies.


Maverick E.D.U adopts a wholistic education where the focus does not lie solely on academics but also in building character. We promote family values and love our students as our own. We amplify their strengths and talents while overcoming their weaknesses. We listen to inspire and not force them to be what they are not meant to be.

Maverick E.D.U., Your Second Home

Maverick E.D.U. provides full/part time tuition to prepare students for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoints, Cambridge Checkpoint sand Cambridge I.G.C.S.E examinations. Here, pupils obtain education at primary and secondary levels.
Maverick E.D.U.’s Family Approach

We strive to be our students’ second home. We uphold strong family values and provide love and care for our students as if they are our own. We help to amplify every student’s strengths and weaknesses and sharpen skills and talents. We listen to and inspire them to be what they really are and want to be rather than impose our beliefs and principles on them forcefully.
Why Should I Choose Maverick E.D.U.?

Here, our teachers do not only teach, but educate! The team comprises teachers of quality, experience and qualifications. In fact, the founders of the school are of the same traits. Therefore, we do not compromise education and do things the right way. We adhere to the syllabus and requirements of the ministry and are licensed as well. Besides focusing on academics, we also believe in making sure our students are physically fit. Hence, we also emphasise on Physical Education and organize outdoor activities from time to time basis to keep the enthusiasm preserved in them. Our ‘family approach’allows us to have a straight - forward fees scheme, thus making us affordable and predictable!
Is Your Child Fit to Join Maverick E.D.U.?

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Prospects Upon Graduating from Maverick E.D.U.

You’d be surprised to find how easily our students adopt and adapt to their surroundings once they make entries into college/university to obtain education at tertiary levels. Maverick E.D.U. allow sample exposure to presentations, lectures, projects, experiments and assignments to prepare them for this purpose. We also prepare our students to be of ‘employment worthy’ while instilling knowledge in them.

For further information, come visit our campus and know more about I.G.C.S.E.